Is Today - Time and date of the Windows 10 Launch

Is Today - Time and date of the Windows 10 Launch:

See Time and Windows Release Date 10

The new operating system will arrive after 00:00 on 29 July, for those who booked an upgrade. See confirmation through the information passed on by Microsoft itself.


When can I upgrade to Windows 10?

How we wish that all consumers have a great experience update, we are implementing it in an organized way to handle a high demand and we are sure that will be the appropriate update for your device. After July 29, Windows 10 will be ready for your device, and the download will happen in the background. You will receive a notification to schedule your upgrade at the time that is most appropriate for you.

Following are some common questions about the upgrade process. Click on the links to access the answers.

How long it takes to install the update? 
If I have more than a Windows device, you can update all? 
Which edition of Windows will get when performing this free update? 
My computer or tablet will be compatible with Windows 10?

If you need help or want to know more about the update, Microsoft Answer Tech will be available to help you.

Start enjoying the benefits quickly
Windows Introduction of Application
Windows Introduction of Application

Windows Introduction application comes pre-installed with Windows 10, containing all the necessary information so that you enjoy the new features productively as soon as possible.
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge

Use Microsoft Edge to access the web without delay. You can write directly on the web page and easily share their markings as well as perform readings without distractions in the reading view.
Microsoft Support
Microsoft Support

If you need help with Windows 10, the support can be easily found. Just use the Windows search box to get a quick response, a step by step tutorial or connect with a real person through the support of the Contact application.

Optimize Windows 10 with a Microsoft account

With a free Microsoft account, you can access the backup of your settings, preferences and onedrive files on all your devices - not only on Windows devices.Also, you only need to remember a single user ID and password. Join Now to make the most of your Windows experience. 
Create your Microsoft account

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