'Orange is the new black' has lighter 3rd year without defined villain

'Orange is the new black' has lighter 3rd year without defined villain:

'Orange is the new black' has lighter 3rd year without defined villain
Netflix released 13 episodes of the series ahead of schedule on Thursday (11).
Character death in Season relieves tense atmosphere of the production.


The inmates of Litchfield minimum security prison returned earlier to the third season of "Orange is the new black," which opens all of its 13 episodes on Thursday (11) at Netflix. The demand on content service released the new year of the series earlier, as a "Day gift early boyfriends." The premiere was expected for this Friday (12).

The G1 watched the first six episodes released to tell whether it is worth spending Valentine's Day with Piper, Alex, Crazy Eyes, Poussey, Red, Nicky and all the other women in the penitentiary. See the video above.

Warning: there are some minor spoilers about season - available on demand content service for more than a year - below.

Guess who's back? Alex is not one bit happy to return to Litchfield after violating his probation, but forms again a couple horny and hatred with Piper. The prison facing a bedbug infestation, but Caputo, promoted to assistant director function, must find solution to a much bigger problem than that.

It is to laugh or to cry? Despite the serious threat at the beginning, the mood in the camp is lighter. After the death of Vee at the end of last season, there is no clear antagonist this year. This series of reconnecting its side comedy and drama leaves a little more focused in the flashbacks, a major number of tools.

The flashbacks still work? Characters more secondary are the target of flashbacks in these first six episodes. This could take their strength, but they are so well constructed that it's hard not interested in the relationship of Big Boo with his mother, or laugh with the keeper Bennett, then a soldier in the Middle East, dancing to Gwen Stefani. They also come very close to leaving for bad habit of making excuses number of crimes committed by inmates. This time, it becomes clear that they are there for their own choices.

What are the highlights? Caputo receives special attention this season. Promoted after the dismissal of Figueroa, he has to balance his rough personality through with their legitimate concern for the inmates and the guards. Alex Piper and seem to be together once, but a new inmate, which comes halfway through the season, should attract the attention of the two.

What still lies ahead? The first half is available to the media just give some clues, but one of great promise this year is an inspired character in American presenter Martha Stewart. The American, who had an income and household chores program, was arrested in 2004 on charges of tax evasion.

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