'Jurassic world' renewed franchise with GM and new hero beast:

'Jurassic world' renewed franchise with GM and new hero beast::

'Jurassic world' renewed franchise with GM and new hero beast:
Chris Pratt shows charisma in the 4th movie 'Jurassic Park'; director are new.
Hybrid dinosaur with artificial DNA creates good deed in conventional plot.


"Jurassic World: World of Dinosaurs" questions start his own existence: Who needs another Jurassic adventure, 22 years after the landmark debut and half-baked sequences? Who cares about the old guard of the reptiles, the root of dinosaurs, lizards boys? The T-Rex veteran no longer cause fear. That's the premise of the adventure, renewing the franchise "Jurassic Park" with transgenic beast Indominus Rex and the new protagonist, Chris Pratt.

The new film ignores the 2nd and 3rd long and part of the early universe Spielberg, 1993. Even after the earlier disaster, a theme park with dinosaurs is successfully built. But the public gets tired of the old species after 20 years. That's where the scientist Henry Wu (BD Wong) takes heavy in genetic engineering, and creates a new and ferocious species in the laboratory. The goal was to have a new pumping to the park - what happens in the other direction ...
The misfortune would be avoided if scientists they found dispensable warn the rest of us of the danger of genetic modifications - in fact, as the Brazilian parliamentarians ... No label GM apparent, the Indominous Rex is free to panic. The damage will appear in an ingenious way and led by director Colin Trevorrow, another newcomer (the indie comedy "No security no"), under the baton of executive producer Spielberg.

The monstrous problem unites Owen (Chris Pratt), a sort of tamer dinosaur with style Indiana Jones, the director of the park, Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard). Pratt ("Parks and recreation", "Guardians of the Galaxy") makes charisma and sense of irony the ogre hero, with that knack Mark Quibbler to be. It is the polar opposite of serious and methodical Claire. The novel is predictable, while trying to save Claire's nephews of the beast's claws.
There are references to "Jaws" and "Birds" in good scenes with flying and aquatic dinosaurs. The rest is well grounded in the mold just right of the box office. You can not compete with the "Jurassic Park" 1993, higher than in Spooks and of course in visual innovation at the time. But this "Jurassic World" must take the bad impression of the third feature, and attract brand new fans to the franchise. The script leaves door open for sequences. As someone in their right mind would return to the island to play dinosaur is a problem for the writers.

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