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Who invented the piano:

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Once again Google surprises everyone with a doodle honoring Bartolomeo Cristofori piano inventor


Piano (pianoforte apocope derived from Italian) is a stringed musical instrument, the Hornbostel-Sachs classification system.

The sound is produced by pieces made of wood and covered with a material (usually felt) soft designated hammers, and being activated through a keyboard, touch the strings stretched and secured to a rigid wooden or metal frame. The strings vibrate and produce sound. As stringed instrument percussive mechanism activated by a keyboard, the piano is similar to the clavichord and the harpsichord. The three instruments differ however in the sound production mechanism. A harpsichord strings are plucked. In a harpsichord the strings are struck by hammers which remain in contact with the rope. The piano hammer moves away from the rope immediately after touching her leaving to vibrate freely.

Had its first reference published in 1711, in "Giornale d'Italia dei Litterati" because of his presentation in Florence by its inventorBartolomeo Cristofori. From that moment happens a series of improvements until the current piano. The essence of the new invention lay in the possibility of giving different intensities to sounds and so was named the "pianoforte" (going from pianissimo to fortissimo) and later reduced to just piano. Such possibilities of sound dies eventually guide the choice of composers against the clavicémbalo.

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